Guanlidao Ltd was born in the UK in August 2020 as a consulting firm lead by Professor Yipeng Liu from Henley Business School at the University of Reading and Mark Adams, CEO of Honey Ventures Ltd. Their common passion was a desire for more understanding between businesspeople outside China and those in China. The team offers consulting, seminars, webinars, coaching and writing for business leaders in and outside China.

Yipeng Liu is a Professor in Management and Organisation Studies and Founding Director of the Research Centre for China Management and Global Business (CMGB) at Henley Business School. Prof Liu obtained a doctorate in management from Mannheim University, Germany. His research has been sponsored by the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, Sino-British Fellowship Trust and DAAD in Germany, among others.

His research interests centre on international entrepreneurship and the emerging market multinationals from a cross-cultural and comparative perspective by embracing the notion of ‘West-Meets-East’. Prof Liu actively contributes to the academic community by serving as a keynote speaker and track/session chair in international academic conferences, such as Academy of Management, European Academy of Management and British Academy of Management. He is a Senior Editor of Management and Organisation Review, an Associate Editor of Asian Business and Management, and currently serves on the editorial review board of five international journals, including Journal of Management Studies and has served as Guest Editor for Special Issues at leading management and organisation journals, including Journal of Organisational Behaviour, Group and Organisation Management.

Prof Liu gathered broad professional experience in management consulting, venture capital, business development and engineering in Asia, North America and Europe before moving to the academic world. He worked for clients such as Bosch, Heidelberg Druckmaschinen, Fresenius, Siemens, Allianz and Deutsche Telekom.

His research interests centre on the international entrepreneurship and emerging market multinationals from a cross-cultural and comparative perspective by embracing the notion of ‘West-Meets-East’. Prof Liu believes that exploring the social mechanisms and illuminating the multi-faceted human side factors of micro-foundations in an international context can advance management and organisation studies in important ways. A nuanced and micro-level understanding of individuals, their behaviours and social interactions in organisations is instrumental for explaining processes and macro-level outcomes and thereby important for scholars, managers and policymakers to tackle societal and economic grand challenges facing the global economy today. Prof Liu’s engaged scholarship research projects cover the areas of emerging market multinationals’ global strategy, international entrepreneurship and global talent mobility, risk and resilience, behavioural micro-foundations of sustainability and healthcare management from a cross-cultural comparative perspective.

Mark Adams has advised over 60 Chinese firms on business formation, setup, broad structure, compliance, launch, branding, customer acquisition, marketing and recruitment and has lead or participated in over 40 M&A transactions in the media and tech sectors. He holds a Masters in Finance degree from London Business School and is co-founder of the accelerator and the marketing group listed on the London Stock Exchange.